All Natural & Nontoxic Head Lice Treatment & Head Lice Prevention Products

Tutorial Videos for Head Lice Identification and Removal

Head lice can be stressful. Ease you mind by watching these informative tutorial videos. Learn how to properly check and identify head lice and nits, as well as thoroughly remove head lice and nits with Happyheads Products, tools and techniques.

Video #1: How to Remove Lice and Nits with Happyheads Products, Tools & Techniques

Video #2: How to properly check your child for head lice and nits

Video #3: How to check a boys head for head lice and nits

Video #4: 24-hour action plan for treating head lice

Happyheads all natural head lice treatment includes a patented, FDA registered non-toxic lice shampoo, and tea tree oil infused products. These effective, natural remedies for lice are safe for the whole family and are pediatrician recommended.