Head Lice Treatment Shampoo & Everyday Hair Care Products for Kids

Lice Treatment & Removal Tips

Check your child for head lice once a week. Learn how to do a proper head lice check here.

Here's your 24-hour action plan if you find out you have head lice in your home.

How to Get Great Results Using Your Happyheads Lice Treatment Family Kit

Make sure to carefully follow all directions on the inserted card. Getting rid of lice can be tricky. Never expect "a cure" with one lice treatment. It is imperative that you re-shampoo with Happyheads Bye-Bye Lice chemical free head lice treatment every 3 to 4 days for two weeks, and comb and check for nits daily during this period.

Treat the whole family and even caregivers. No one gets left out of this party!

Find a spot with great light. Sunlight is the absolute best light for seeing nits. Otherwise, use a bright spot light if possible. Section hair and look thoroughly.

Blow hair dry after each combing. This tip is key! Lice AND eggs are killed by dry heat. Kids' scalps are sensitive, so be careful... but think heat! Moms and girls that like to flat iron their hair should go for the straight look.

After the two-week period, continue using Happyheads Bye-Bye Lice Shampoo once a week instead of your child’s regular shampoo. Now that your ordeal is over and you know how to kill head lice safely and effectively, never experience head lice again! Keep ahead of another infestation by using Happyheads® shampoo for lice weekly and by using our other kid friendly products. Tea tree oil aids lice prevention and can be found in Happyheads conditioner, oil and spray. With Happyheads Bye-Bye Lice, anything that visits your child’s head won’t live long enough to do any damage.

Combing tips:

  1. After every few strokes with the nit comb, dip the tips of the metal pins into a bowl
    of baking soda. Baking soda helps to fill in the little gaps between the pins and also serves as a gripping agent.
  2. Keep hair damp (use a water spritzer) and reapply combing solution when necessary to avoid painful tangles. Always wipe comb on a white paper towel so you can examine what you are removing.
  3. Check eyebrows (and eyelashes). Yes... it is possible to find nits here, although not very common. Bangs that hang over eyebrows can be the culprit. Check brows and lashes well with a bright light. If nits are discovered, apply Vaseline to these areas.

Happyheads head lice treatment formula is patented, FDA registered, pH balanced and biodegradable. Happyheads products are safe for the whole family and pediatrician recommended.