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Happyheads Natural Lice Treatment Testimonials

Here’s what families are saying about Happyheads natural lice treatment:

As a mother and as a family physician, I strongly recommend Melissa Gordon's services and the Happyheads products. Melissa is knowledgeable, calm, patient and meticulous. She came to the rescue when my daughter had lice, and we continue to use her products to prevent another occurrence in our household. I was very happy to find a non-toxic, natural, and safe alternative to the products usually recommended to treat lice, and appreciate the fact that the lice shampoo can be used weekly as a preventive measure. I recommend the Happyheads regimen to my friends as well as my patients.

- Family Doctor, Westchester, NY

I listened half-heartedly when friends recounted to me their horror stories of dealing with head lice. I had some smug notion that it wouldn't happen to me. Well, then came the day when that louse made a nest on the pretty little head of my 5-year-old daughter. Denial ended swiftly! All I can say is, no one has ever been more grateful than me for Happyheads! The peace of mind I found in knowing I was using a thoroughly effective product with absolutely no risk to my daughter can not be overstated. Happyheads did the job instantly. As a precaution, I brought my daughter to the school nurse to double check. The nurse was amazed at who quickly we banished the buggers! She asked to have a kit so she could pass it along to the next poor victim.

- Mom from Boston, MA

“Happyheads Products are the best. When my son came home from camp with lice I completely freaked out. I never thought this would happen to our family. When we searched our other child’s head we discovered he had it too. I had heard about an amazing new product called Happyheads and ordered the kit immediately. Many drug store products are extremely harsh and dangerous for children with allergies, which both my kids have. The Happyheads products are nontoxic and completely safe. They even smell good! We treated our entire family and I am happy to say that we are lice and nit free. I plan to use the products all year long so I never have to go through this again. Thank goodness for Happyheads!”

- Mom from New York City

"...After all our research and our harrowing experience with multiple other "cures", [Happyheads Bye-Bye Lice Family Kit] was by far the best, most effective, most pleasant and easiest-to-administer remedy out there. Simply shampoo thoroughly with the fresh smelling and feeling shampoo and wait an hour or so (or overnight if you wish), rinse, and comb with the combing conditioning solution... this non toxic (to humans) lice killing shampoo actually smells and feels wonderfully refreshing (more pepperminty than tea tree oily) and improves your outlook and your itchiness immediately. It's almost like a spa treatment if you can just forget for an instant, why you are sitting around with an herby head and a shower cap. The kit contains everything you need to treat the whole family (including comb and shower caps) and prevent future infestation...The Happyheads Treatment kit was enough to treat all 5 of us. It was an extremely economical and effective course of action, considering the number of people in our family, what is included and the cost of alternatives..."

- Mommies with Style member (

“The shampoo smells lovely, and the ingredients are benign. The lice repellent is like dabbing on perfume for the kids. It’s got a soothing lavender smell that the lice don’t like (see, told ya head lice were stoopid!) but your kids will love. I have the family kit and used the shampoo and conditioner on my own hair (which is colored but please don’t tell) with great results. My color didn’t fade and the conditioner might be a best kept secret (better than Kerastase and cheaper too). I’m happy with the scents and the look of my hair. I cannot begin to tell you how horrible it was to have a head lice infestation. I think that the family pack is priced right (professional nit pickers charge $100 an hour) and, so far, works well. It’s green, without even a whiff of greenwashing. Perfect 10 from an exhausted mommy.”

- Jessica Gottlieb, writer for

"My daughter caught a relatively mild case of head lice from her cousins, and by acting quickly with the Happyheads Family Kit, we made sure she was 100% cured in no time. It also prevented the entire family (father, mother, baby brother) from being infected too. The directions were simple, the process successful, and the shampoo even smelled and felt good. It was a perfect cure to a not so fun problem. Highly recommend!"

- Dad from New York City

The Happyheads service is a treasure!!! Its owner, Melissa Gordon, is a consummate, gentle, child friendly professional, who utilizes the most up-to-date all natural lice treatments for the eradication of head lice. Melissa literally saved my entire family from a head lice infestation that my three children acquired at school. There are not enough superlatives to describe Melissa and her service. Melissa and Happyheads are absolutely fantastic!!!

- Dad from Armonk

When my son got head lice, I contacted Happyheads right away. I really wanted him to be treated without the use of chemicals. Melissa responded quickly and was gentle with my son. She taught me a lot about head lice so I would understand the importance of treating him and screening him over the next two weeks, so the ordeal would definitely be over. The Happyheads products worked great, smelled great (especially compared to the chemicals!), and I had peace of mind that my son was safe. I would highly recommend Happyheads to anyone with this problem!

- Mom from Pleasantville

I would definitely recommend Happyheads. The convenience of an in home service and peace of mind was well worth the money. Melissa was very thorough and patient. It was a pleasure to deal with her.

- Mom from Somers

Last summer I found that my daughter and I both had lice. I had never had lice before and was pretty clueless regarding what to do about it. The advice I got from friends was to have someone who knows what they are doing help me. So, I contacted Happyheads and they were great. They combed my daughter and me free of lice and sent us on our way with the products and understanding of how to avoid getting lice again. They were truly amazing and made the whole experience much less horrible than I expected. I highly recommend them.

- Mom from Purdys

Melissa did a great job. My kids adored her, and afterward actually asked me if she could come back to babysit...too funny! Having used another less impressive service prior, I can attest that Melissa is very professional and thorough. I am passing the word to all of my friends!

- Mom from Chappaqua

I have three children. When the nurse at school detected that my daughter had head lice, the other two children where screened immediately. And, sure enough, they all had it! I had heard about Happyheads, so they were the first call I made. Melissa was at my house that same day and she stayed for hours. Since I practice holistic living, Melissa’s natural lice remedy products and advice were a godsend. She really taught me what I needed to do going forward. And all three of my children were admitted back to school the following day. Thank goodness for this service. Don’t think twice; call them!

- Mom from Armonk

Happyheads all natural head lice treatment includes a patented, FDA registered non-toxic lice shampoo, and tea tree oil infused products. These effective, natural remedies for lice are safe for the whole family and are pediatrician recommended.