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Looking for a Lice Removal Service or a Lice Salon? Get Lice Help From Professionals Who Use Happyheads.

So your school or camp calls with the bad news...your child has head lice and has to be picked up immediately.
The only problem is, you're at work, your husband's out of town on business, and your babysitter just quit to start her career as a soap opera actress. Not to mention—head lice!—how do you get rid of it?

First of all, it is important to realize you’re not alone.
Annually, thousands of kids get head lice, so it's nothing to be ashamed of! What’s imperative now, is to focus on getting your kids cleaned up and back to school—so life can get back to normal!

For the most effective treatment for head lice, let Happyheads® be your answer to this stressful situation.
Professional nitpicker services across the country are using Happyheads to treat their clients. You'll let go of the worry as they treat your child with our all natural, nontoxic product, Happyheads® Bye-Bye Lice® Nontoxic Treatment Shampoo. Our patented formula for natural lice treatment kills head lice on contact.

Find Lice Removal Services that use Happyheads® All Natural Lice Treatment Products:

Ann Arbor, MI
Picky Pam's, Ann Arbor, MI (404) 397-6173
Ardsley, NY
The Lice Lady of Westchester, Ardsley, NY (914) 497-5465
Atlanta, GA
Elimilice, 155 Hammond Drive, Suite E5240, Atlanta, GA 30328 (404) 704-2200
Austin, TX
Lice-opathy, Serving Austin, Bee Caves, Round Rock, Georgetown, Marble Falls, Burnet, and surrounding areas (830) 613-6131
Chicago & North Suburbs, IL
NitWitz In-Home Head Lice Removal
Cleveland, OH
Quit Buggin' Lice Removal, Mentor, OH (954) 296-9792
Dallas, TX
Texas LRS, Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Decatur, Parker, Hood, Johnson, Ellis, and McClendon counties, (888) LICE-911
Kansas City, KS
Combers LLC, Overland Park, KS 66210 (913) 451-2662
Kingsland, TX
lice-opathy, Kingsland TX (325) 388-8256
Lexington, KY
The Nit Nanny, Lexington, KY (859) 699-2655
Long Island, NY
Extermalice, East Northport, NY (631) 880-4441
Longwood, FL
Lice-B-Gone, Serving Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Brevard Counties (321) 348-8890
Los Angeles, CA
Lousy Louise Lice Removal Service (323) 974-6977
Mandeville, LA
Louisiana Lice Squad, Mandeville, LA (504) 256-6627
Menlo Park, CA
Honeycombers, Menlo Park, CA (650) 800-7081
Minneapolis, MN
Angie's Litter Buggers, Minneapolis MA (612) 432-9140
Newbury Park, CA
The NitWizards (805) 338-2501
Newton, MA
Lice Aunties, Newton, MA (617) 448-8617
New Whiteland, IN
Hoos'ur Nit Nanny, New Whiteland, IN 46184 (317) 494-0438
New York City Metropolitan Area
Lice-Free LLC, NYC Metropolitan Area (212) 675-8080
Oklahoma City, OK
Liceology, Oklahoma City (405) 831-5865
Rockland County, NY
Lisa the Lice Lady of Rockland County, NY (914) 715-8964
St. Louis, MO
Lice Busters, St. Louis, MO (314) 329-LICE (5423)
San Diego, CA
Bambino Hair Salon, 12980 Carmel Country Rd., Suite 110, San Diego
Tulsa, OK
Lice Xterminator, LLC (918) 994-LICE (5423)
Vancover, WA
Picky-Picky, Vancouver, WA 98682 (360) 597-3366
Williamstown, NJ
SJ Lice Lady, Williamstown NJ, (856) 282-2727

Happyheads all natural head lice treatment includes a patented, FDA registered non-toxic lice shampoo, and tea tree oil infused products. These effective, natural remedies for lice are safe for the whole family and are pediatrician recommended.

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