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Lice Facts, Lice Pictures and Lice Treatment

  1. The life cycle of a louse is about one month.
  2. A nit is an egg (see head lice pictures below).
  3. Nits take about 7 days to hatch.
  4. A nit can hatch off the head (for example, in a hairbrush or on a bed sheet), but the conditions must be warm enough and a host must be found quickly, or the bug will die.
  5. After a nit hatches, this baby bug is called a nymph.
  6. The clear shell of a nit can still be attached to the hair shaft after a nymph emerges.
  7. Nits are firmly adhered to pieces of hair by a type of lice-produced glue. Happyheads Bye-Bye Lice Shampoo® helps loosen this glue.
  8. Nits vary in color, depending on the color of the hair. Lighter nits are found in lighter hair, darker nits in darker hair.
  9. About 10% of nits never hatch.
  10. Nothing kills nits except for dry heat. Blow-drying hair and flat ironing is a lice treatment that can kill nits.
  11. Once hatched, a louse molts three times in its life cycle, shedding its hard shell to grow.
  12. A nymph needs 7 to 10 days before it is mature enough to lay eggs.
  13. Only female lice lay eggs in the hair. 
  14. Mature lice lay 3 to 10 eggs per day.
  15. The body of the female louse is more round than the male louse.
  16. Lice excrete in the hair, which looks like little dark sand granules and is sometimes visible in very blond hair.
  17. Lice Treatment

  18. Lice only lay eggs in head hair. It is possible to have eggs in eyebrows and eyelashes, but is not common.
  19. Body and pubic lice are different types of lice, different than head lice, and require different lice treatments.
  20. Head lice are human parasites and cannot live on animals.
  21. Off the head, lice can only survive up to 48 hours without a host.
  22. Lice do not intentionally come off the head, unless they are transferring to another head. A head infestation does NOT mean lice are all over the house.
  23. Ninety-nine percent of lice are spread by head-to-head contact.
  24. Lice do not jump or fly and are wingless. They have 6 legs (See lice photos above).
  25. Lice bite every few hours to feed. They are transparent in color, but right after they feed, they are a darker brown color due to the blood they intake.
  26. Lice bites cause itchiness and irritate the skin. They are often at the nape and behind the ears.
  27. Six million to 20 million people in the U.S. are thought to contract lice each year.
  28. Lice remains have been discovered on Egyptian mummies.
  29. Lice prefer clean hair because they can navigate without difficulty and easily attach their eggs.

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