Back-to-School Season Brings Heightened Need for Lice Prevention

by Melissa on September 22, 2017

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Lice give a whole new meaning to getting to the head of the class. Back-to-school season signifies the end of summer, but it also means the risk of children getting lice increases significantly.

“It’s really not an issue of cleanliness,” Paradi Mirmirani, MD, a dermatologist at the Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center in California said in an article with WebMD. “It’s an infestation that’s related to close contact, which we have in schools.” The article also notes that Mirmirani’s three kids picked up lice at their school a couple of years ago.

Mirmirani goes on to say that Kids are more prone to lice because of the size of their hair shaft.

“Lice are more easily able to cling to hair that’s finer and thinner in diameter,” Mirmirani said.

Going back to school also makes it more likely that children will share the likes of hats, towels, hairbands, etc. with each other. Children’s susceptibility to lice and their proximity to each other in schools are major reasons as to why there are 6-12 million cases of lice in children each year.

But Mirmirani isn’t the only medical professional that has warned about back-to-school season’s impact on the spread of lice amongst children.

“This is the season for lice, with school opening in many suburbs this week and in Chicago next week,” Dr. Richard Biek, Chicago’s deputy medical commissioner told the Chicago Tribune. “Lice are among the most democratic of creatures, respecting neither social nor economic caste systems and when classrooms of children gather each fall, head lice are sure to spread among them.”

WebMD and Dr. Biek’s advice for head lice treatment includes using medicated shampoos. Of course, many head lice shampoos out there can be hard on the scalp and hair. That’s why it’s important to use a non-toxic, natural lice treatment like those found at HappyHeads.

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