Five Items Your Child Should Bring to Summer Camp

by Melissa on July 28, 2017

children in summer camp

It’s that time of year when schools let out and kids all across the country get set to go to summer camp. There’s a long list of essential s to send your kid to camp with, including sunscreen, a bathing suit and a beach towel, but we decided to find some under-the-radar items that will help your child be even more prepared.

Natural Lice Prevention Shampoo

Head lice can run rampant through schools and camps. With children staying in such close quarters with each other for the majority of the day, once one head is compromised, the rest can shortly follow. Keeping this in mind, sending your child to camp with natural lice prevention shampoo might be the smartest move you make all summer. Lice can be a real pain to deal with retroactively, but the natural lice prevention shampoo from Happy Heads Products gets out ahead of the problem and helps keep lice away from your child.

Insect Repellent

Summer brings with it more sun and warm weather, but the season also includes pesky bugs that can be a nuisance when trying to enjoy some outdoor activities. Mosquitos, ticks, gnats, flies and bees all swarm the air and at the very least can be annoying, and at worst bite or sting a camper. Insect repellent will help keep many bugs away and prevent having to deal with their invasiveness.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things anyone can do during the summer months. Hot weather and a lot of physical activity can cause children to dehydrate quickly and it is important to make sure your child always has a source of water on hand. Most summer camps will do a good job of making water available to campers, but sending your child to camp with a water bottle of their own ensures that they always have some refreshment by their side throughout the day.

Flashlight (With Batteries)

This is particularly important for campers that will be staying overnight at a camp. You want your child to be able to get around the camp at night with ease and have some source of light in case of a power outage. Be sure to pack enough batteries to keep the flash light running when you need it.

Inexpensive/Disposable Camera

Some of your child’s fondest memories when they get older will be from the time they spent with their friends at summer camp. Make sure they can capture these moments with an inexpensive or disposable camera that can be carried along without being cumbersome and won’t be a huge loss if something were to happen to it (these are kids after all).

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