Back-to-School List for Parents

by Melissa on July 28, 2017

Back to school text on notepad and office tools on wooden table

One of the tasks associated with going back to school each year is compiling a list of school supplies that your child will need to be prepared.  Pens, pencils and notebooks are essentials to any child’s school year, but there’s another checklist that parents should be mindful of as summer winds down.

To help parents, not just children, be prepared for the school year, here’s a back-to-school checklist to follow that will have your kids ready to learn.

Adjust Bedtime

A summertime schedule can vary greatly from one during the school year. Adjusting your child’s bed time a week or two before the school year starts can help them adjust from a lax summer schedule to a school-night bedtime.

Get Organized

Anyone who has ever sent a child back to school before knows that they will be bombarded with all kinds of different forms in the first few weeks. Everything from school supplies list, health forms, permissions slips and contact lists will be covered and it’s important to have a way to organize all of this information. Do yourself a favor and set up some sort of filing system where all of these papers can be stored and kept neatly.

Promote Good Health and Hygiene

Schools can be breeding grounds for germs and that’s why you’ll want to be prepared with supplies that will help keep your child healthy and clean. A solid supply of hand sanitizer can go a long way during the school year, and preventive care products such as a natural lice remedy will keep you ready for an unfortunate circumstance like a head lice outbreak at your child’s school.


Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their school typically do better academically and socially. Start planning and set aside time to volunteer your expertise at your child’s school. Teachers also tend to appreciate parents who volunteer more than those who don’t.

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