A Different Kind of Egg Hunt

by Melissa on April 4, 2017

Fourteen Easter mornings ago, I was in a doctor’s office undergoing an ultrasound to determine the progress of egg development in my ovaries. Once the maturation of the eggs was complete, the egg retrieval was performed.

Yes, I underwent In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to have my kids. And it went well––two healthy eggs, two perfect embryos, two beautiful babies––a boy and a girl! For my husband and me, IVF has truly been a blessing, over and over again.

Six years later we were on a family vacation and I noticed my son scratching his head with vigor, over and over again. My sweet twins, as it turned out, had head lice (and my daughter had a ton of thick hair).

We rushed home in a panic, stopping on the way to buy the “traditional” chemical head lice treatment products at CVS. The strong odor was terrible; it didn’t feel right to put this stuff on my children’s scalps (so close to their precious brains, no less). Some online research revealed the existence of nice smelling, all natural head lice treatment products that were safe for everyone and easy to use.

I’ve learned a lot about head lice since that first infestation. Here are the best ways to detect head lice:

  • Watch for excessive head scratching (but don’t count on this)
  • Notice any redness or irritation on your child’s head––especially at the nape or behind the ears?
  • A nit (louse egg) sighting: a tiny white or tan looking almond-shaped egg firmly glued to the side of a single strand of hair, usually very close to the scalp.
  • A live bug. Lice scurry quickly under hair to hide from view, but you may catch a glimpse of one
  • It’s a good idea to do head checks once per week during the school year and summer camp season. See the video on the Happyheads website, http://www.happyheadsproducts.com/blog/archives/31, for the proper procedure.

Needless to say, finding these eggs on my children was not my idea of a good time.  It gave a whole new meaning to “egg hunt”.

On a much more joyous note, the kids look forward to our annual Easter egg hunt. Colorful candy-filled or toy-filled eggs and chocolate confections are hidden all around our wooded, hilly property. The Easter Bunny is sometimes spotted. Searching for the elusive goodies is so exciting; the older kids help the younger ones fill up their Easter baskets! My son once declared Easter his favorite holiday. Really…over Christmas and Halloween??

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