New Season, More Head Lice?

by Melissa on March 21, 2017

Spring is here and depending on your geographical location of course, warm weather is in full bloom. Does the heat, humidity, or dry air bring more head lice? Regardless of your local temperatures, are head lice seasonal?

The answer to both questions is a resounding, “No!”

Head lice need to be on a human head to survive for any length of time over 48 hours, which means the temperature they prefer is approximately 98.6°F.

Head lice remain on human heads 99% of the time, only leaving to transfer from one head to the next. They don’t jump or fly; they only scurry from one head or shoulder over to another. The bugs then have to climb up pieces of hair to get to the scalp in order to bite the scalp and feed on human blood.

Whether you’re building snowmen or baking in the summer heat, head lice don’t care. Unlike strawberries and peaches, lice are not seasonal.

Head lice thrive when kids get together and “share” them with each other and their whole families. Stay vigilant all year around, especially during any head lice outbreaks at your child’s school, during and after school/holiday breaks (when kids mingle with other groups of kids and bring head lice back to school), and during and after summer/sleepaway camps. While being vigilant, be sure to use all natural head lice products in your fight against lice. They are proven to be healthier and more effective in preventing and ridding yourself of lice.

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