You’re Not Crazy, but it’s Not Lice

by Melissa on March 3, 2017

crazy lice momIf you’re like us, the mere mention of the word “lice” instantly makes your head itch. Just reading that line probably made you instinctively reach for your head and start scratching furiously. And you’re still going. At this point, you have probably abandoned the “one hand scratching, one hand scrolling” method and have all hands on deck, leaving no inch of your scalp unscratched. What makes this scenario funny is that just moments before you read the word “lice”, you were fine. Your scalp didn’t itch and you weren’t feeling uncomfortable. What you just experienced is called “psychosomatic lice”.

Psychosomatic lice occur when someone simply mentions the word lice or the possibility of a lice outbreak. Just like the illustration to the above, the mother in the photo instantaneously loses her mind after receiving a “lice outbreak letter” from her daughter’s school. Upon hearing the word “lice”, the person instantly becomes freaked out and believes they have been infested with lice. Psychosomatic lice can cause the person to imagine a crawling sensation across their head and leaves you squirming and restless. It outright drives you crazy.

On the outside looking in, this whole experience can be comical. Watching someone freak out by simply mentioning a word can have enormous entertainment value if you’re cruel enough to torture someone that way. However, on the other side of things, lice and the psychological torture that comes with it is no laughing matter. In the event of real lice outbreaks, the effects of having lice and the subsequent phantom itching can remain long after the last of the nits has been removed.

While a product doesn’t exist yet to fight off psychosomatic lice, our natural lice treatment shampoo is great for eliminating the real thing! If you made it through this whole blog without scratching your head once, then we applaud you. That’s not easy to do. If you’ve been scratching your head the entire time, just know you’re not alone.

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