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To Tell Or Not To Tell

Is it your imagination, or has your daughter been scratching her head a lot lately? You decide to do a head check for lice and yep, it’s confirmed. You do your research, find a good natural lice treatment (Happyheads!) and shampoo and comb your sweet pea as thoroughly as possible. You are committed to following up with lice treatments for the next two weeks. Now what? Do you really have to tell the world she had head lice?

Quick answer: The world does not need to know—but your child’s school should. The school nurse knows the drill. She can notify classmates’ parents and keep your daughter’s identity completely confidential. Before your daughter reenters the classroom, the nurse will want to check her head for nits to make sure you did a thorough job. This is helpful to you; a trained professional’s eye can bring you confidence.

Upon your daughter’s return to school, the nurse will most likely conduct head checks on the rest of the class too. She can tell the kids that head checks are just a routine precaution. You want this to happen because otherwise, the opportunity for reexposure to head lice is great (school is probably where your daughter contracted it in the first place), and will drag you back to square one.

It would be prudent as well, to reveal the news of your child’s case of head lice to the parents of any recent play dates or sleepover guests and carpooling neighbors. You don’t need to tell every person your child knows—this could cause widespread and unnecessary panic—but telling close friends, babysitters and care-giving relatives is the nicest thing you can do. Early intervention makes treating lice much easier. And, if need be, your new found expertise in head lice removal will be much appreciated!


Happyheads all natural head lice treatment includes a patented, FDA registered non-toxic lice shampoo, and tea tree oil infused products. These effective, natural remedies for lice are safe for the whole family and are pediatrician recommended.