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Proactively guard your children from head lice with Happyheads® Scootie-Cootie® Repelling Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler! Our organic lice repellent products leave hair soft, shiny, conditioned and scented with pure essential oils that smell great, but not to lice.


Get the 1-2 punch no louse will survive!

Use our amazing smelling Scootie-Cootie products daily & our FDA Registered Nontoxic Treatment Shampoo formula once a week. Now you mean business!



Happyheads Family Treatment Kit is the most user friendly and comprehensive head lice treatment regimen available.

This kit is one-stop-shopping that will cure lice for the whole family—because it comes with all the products and tools you’ll need— including Happyheads FDA Registered nontoxic enzyme-based head lice shampoo that KILLS lice on contact. Learn more.

If you want to learn how to get rid of lice with ease, please view the tutorial video.


Head Lice Shampoo

Happyheads®—Not just any lice shampoo. FDA Registered. No chemicals. Safe for all ages. 100% effective and head lice resistant proof.

Happyheads® lice treatment shampoocontains a patented formula of enzymes that breaks down the hard shells of the lice, causing them to perish. Because the biology of insects depends on the creation of enzymes for survival, it is impossible for lice to develop a resistance to these enzymes.

Lice have developed immunity to synthetic head lice pesticides, meaning these treatments are not only potentially dangerous, they are less effective. Many other head lice treatments and methods rely on suffocating the insects (including home remedies using mayo and olive oil). These are messy, inefficient and sometimes not effective (a louse can “hold it’s breath” for up to 12 hours.

Other products attempt to disrupt the reproductive systems of the lice, which may impede their ability to produce eggs—but the bugs themselves will remain alive.

Happyheads® Bye-Bye Lice® Nontoxic Treatment Shampoo KILLS LICE ON CONTACT. It's 100% effective, pH balanced, all natural, FDA registered and totally safe! Happyheads® is the best value for your money because you can treat the whole family and it works better than any other head lice treatment—and it's easier!

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Happyheads all natural head lice treatment includes a patented, FDA registered non-toxic lice shampoo, and tea tree oil infused products. These effective, natural remedies for lice are safe for the whole family and are pediatrician recommended.